GeneMods has a podcast now!

Excited to announce that the first episode of the GeneMods podcast, Synbio in Spaaaace!, is now live! Jordan Harrison and I interviewed Professor Danielle Tullman-Ercek about synthetic biology in space. We also run through some of the May newsreel, gameshow-style. Hope you all like it!

We’re just starting this thing so we’d love to know what you liked, things you’d change, or topics you want us to explore in future episodes. If you have feedback, you can reach us here or on the GeneMods Twitter account. Looking forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “GeneMods has a podcast now!

    1. As far as we know! There are a bunch of one-off talks/interviews related to synbio on Soundcloud (and I’ve reposted a bunch of those into the GeneMods stream), but we haven’t found any other dedicated podcasts. That’s actually one of the main reasons we started this one. Also, if you haven’t seen it, we’re now distributing the podcast via iTunes and Stitcher as well as SoundCloud ( , And we post new episodes in the newsreels ( Let us know if there are any topics you’d particularly like us to explore, and we’ll add it to the queue!


      1. Nice! Would you consider publishing to a platform that has an RSS feed so I can subscribe using my podcast app? I try to not use closed source software in my everyday life and it seems like the only one of those that allow you to download/subscribe without installing their software is soundcloud, which is going away soon. With regards to topics, I’d be interested in sharing of biomaterials. How do researchers share their physical stuff? Does it happen often? What are the logistical and legal barriers (MTAs, patents, import/export restrictions), what are the biosafety requirements for shipping/transferring in the U.S. and what kind of fail-safes exist in case someone accidentally gives you e.g. a BSL-2 organism that you then start growing in your BSL-1 lab.

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